A life-changing experience

Going through the recovery process is extremely difficult if you go through it alone. There is no one there to hold you accountable for your actions and to help you back up if you fall. Being surrounded by staff members who are dedicated to helping you get better makes the recovery and rediscovery process easier and more manageable.

After the detoxification process, a client will begin their stay at our residential facility in Pasadena, California. During this time, they will have access to numerous programs tailored to their specific needs. Our staff will work directly with them to ensure that their experience at TAJ is one worth remembering.

Residential life changing experience

Programs made with you in mind

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12-step meetings

Other treatment centers can rush the recovery process. At TAJ, we address one problem at a time so that you can accept and move on from it. In twelve different sessions, our counselors will work with you, helping you slowly progress and move forward from the demons of your past.

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Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is problem-focused, goal-directed, and present-oriented. It identifies and addresses your negative and harmful thought patterns, helps you develop positive coping mechanisms and strong communication skills, and makes you recognize that there are alternative ways of thinking that don’t lead to harmful behavior.

TAJ Treatment

Anger management

Being able to control your emotions is vital for recovery. Through our anger management program, we can help you explore and identify your triggers, understand anger as an emotion, learn how to express anger in constructive ways, develop conflict resolution skills, and learn relaxation techniques.

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Drug and alcohol education

Our highly-educated trainers use different approaches to cater to your unique needs. Topics range from Basic Drug Information, Stages of Addiction, Family Roles, Stress Management, Communication, Risk Factors, Peer Pressure, and more. Our goal is to provide you with the education, intervention, and prevention services needed to combat your chemical dependency.

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Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)

Dialectical Behavior Therapy combines elements of CBT with self-awareness and meditation techniques. It can help you regulate your emotions, increase your distress tolerance, improve your interpersonal skills, and help you be more mindful of your thoughts and feelings. Though it was initially developed to treat people with severe mental illness, it has also been found to be effective when it comes to treating substance abuse.

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Group and individual sessions

Individual counseling will help you slowly open up to experts who can identify the root causes of your problems and help you take the necessary steps to get treatment. Group counseling, on the other hand, is for when you are in the phase of recovery where you’re more comfortable sharing your experiences and listening to the experiences of other people.