Partial Hospitalization PHP

Become confident in your capabilities

As you start to rediscover who you are, a 24-hour residential facility will become less and less necessary. You will be more confident in capabilities and you will feel more alive than before you started the detoxification process. However, at this stage, you might not be fully able to combat your chemical dependency completely on your own.

After spending some time fully immersed in our residential treatment program, a client will slowly transition into a PHP, or Partial Hospitalization Program. This program is designed for those who can benefit from a structured treatment program, but do not necessarily need the 24-hour supervision or medical assistance.

Partial Hospitalization PHP

Programs to help you transition out of residential

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Case management

Every case is structured around your unique and changing needs. We have a team of dedicated professionals managing each case from the very beginning when the initial assessment takes place, to the planning, the implementation, and the completion of your stay with us, making necessary adjustments along the way.

Sub-Acute Detox

Feedback-informed treatment

Through our Feedback-Informed Treatment, we acquire real-time input from you. We use structured, yet flexible, measures to pinpoint what is and is not working in therapy and how we can best meet your needs. You receive a safe, confidential space where you can voice your concerns and questions without the fear of judgment or negative feedback.


Relapse prevention

We’re dedicated not just to your initial detoxification and rehabilitation, but to your lifelong sobriety and recovery. Part of recovery is avoiding relapse, and we’re here to equip you with the knowledge, tools, and skills necessary to prevent one down the road. We cover topics such as phases of recovery, handling social pressures, anger management, avoiding high-risk situations, long-term sobriety plans, managing post-acute withdrawal, and more.