Reasons for sober living



Your mental and physical well-being are at stake when choosing to side with your addiction. You won’t have the energy to care for your loved ones, and in severe cases, you might not be physically there during your family’s important milestones. Sobriety can help give you the mental clarity needed to pursue past passions, to rekindle old relationships, and to rediscover the real you.


Substance abuse is an expensive lifestyle to live with no long-term, positive outcome. By choosing to live sober, you can take the money that would initially support your addiction, and put it towards debt, traveling, new hobbies, etc. Instead of spending money on a habit that is self-fulfilling and detrimental to your health, you can spend it on meaningful experiences with the people you care about the most.



Your life can become fully dependent on whatever substances you are taking. By committing to a sober lifestyle, you will spend less of your time on harmful habits and more time with those that you care about. You will have more time to work on your physical and mental health, start new hobbies, and create more long-lasting memories.


Many relationships fizzle out and are lost during an era of addiction. Sobriety can help mend those relationships with your friends, with your family, and with yourself. You will become more patient, present, and positive when interacting with your peers. You can create long-lasting memories with your loved ones, and more importantly, learn to love yourself again.

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