TAJ Treatment Centers, Inc Drug Rehab

With the increasing substance abuse problem faced in the world today, rehabilitation from drug abuse is still the most effective tool in battling addiction. With new drugs like Fentanyl and the recent resurge of Opiate abuse, fatal overdoses flood the timelines in news outlets. TAJ Treatment Center has fought on the frontline for almost a decade and many of the therapists have over 20+ years of experience. While the best cure is obviously prevention, we know  if that fails we do what we can to help offer a solution for ourselves and our loved ones.

Substance abuse can take many forms:

  • Alcohol abuse
  • Heroin and Opiate abuse
  • Prescription drug abuse
  • Cocaine/Crack abuse
  • Marijuana dependency
  • Crystal Meth abuse

Although these may be the most common types of drugs and substances there are many derivatives of these drugs and often addicts will mix and abuse multiple drugs in order to get through the day. Drug Rehabilitation, which was once illegal, is still the first and most important step in beating the disease of addiction.

Many drug users have found themselves in a state of denial with their lives and they have learned unproductive behaviors to deal with the place they find themselves in. While some users consume illegal substances to emotionally “check out” or even to have fun, others became addicted to medications from a simple prescription assigned by their very own doctors. Either way, drug addiction and alcohol abuse can be lethal and effects not only the individual, but all those around them.

What is Drug Rehab?

Drug Rehab usually starts with detoxification which involves the process of cleaning the physical body of harmful chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs and to stabilize the body’s own internal processes that have been disrupted. Detoxification should be overseen by a licensed doctor and/or medical staff, especially for alcohol, benzodiazapines, and opiates which are all high risk for seizures within the body. At TAJ Treatment Center, you will work with our licensed doctor to develop a detox protocol that feels comfortable for you.

Detoxification and Drug rehabilitation can take different forms:

Depending on the type and severity of the drug abuse, our staff doctor might suggest any one of the following programs for the client.

  • Non-Medical detox – this involves the patient being treated with medication to ease the detox from the drugs and their progress will be monitored by medical professionals and staff to make sure that the withdrawal from the drugs is effective and complete.
  • Tapering – the patient will be systematically weaned off the drug to protect them from the worst of the detox symptoms and this process can take longer but is effective in cases where the patient is compromised physically, where their body cannot deal with medical assistance to detox.
  • Rapid Detox – use for inpatients where they are placed under anesthesia and the drug is flushed from their systems with the administration of pharmaceutical medication. This is a very expensive detox method and is used to avoid the painful effects of drug detox.
  • Natural Detox – some patients choose to go through detox without any medication and sometimes at home. However, this is dangerous as the process should be monitored by a medical professional to prevent complications. Detoxing naturally involves significant nutritional support through diets and supplements as well as physical exercises like Yoga or even Acupuncture
  • Cold Turkey – the most dangerous way of detoxing especially with hard drugs. The patient stops using the drug completely and without any assistance and has to endure the withdrawal symptoms on their own. This is the least effective manner to detox from drugs as many people end up going back to the drugs to lessen the withdrawal symptoms. There have also been cases where the person starts taking more potent drugs as a result of the withdrawal symptoms.

Drug Withdrawal

All drugs usually have some kind of withdrawal symptoms, from cigarettes to hard drugs. While some drugs give more withdrawal symptoms that are physical in nature, others are more affected emotionally and can show signs leading toward anxiety/depression.  At TAJ Treatment Center, we individualize our program around the client coming in and create a special regimen to make the road to recovery as easy and effective as possible.

Detoxification is a process of change and this change is seldom easy or painless. However, our program is designed to lessen the pain of detox and can actually be comfortable and painless. Clients may experience some discomfort, unfortunately – which cannot be prevented – but our main focus is to make the patient as comfortable as possible.

We are equipped to deal with the many withdrawal symptoms that can occur like:

  • Hallucinations and paranoid behavior
  • Severe mood swings and unpredictability
  • Pain and trauma from drug abuse

TAJ Treatment Centers, Inc. as your program for recovery

As a detoxification and rehabilitation center, TAJ has helped many patients beat alcoholism and drug addiction. We are confident that if you feel that you might be suffering from some kind of drug abuse We Can Help.  Our professional staff will sit with you and help you define your problem. Then, we can develop a plan of action to move forward to deal with your specific issues and how to get started. We urge you to call for a phone assessment right away.