Does TAJ Treatment Center do on-site detox?

Yes, we take clients from the beginning stages until completion. We have the facility and staff supervision which can help you detox from alcohol, prescription drugs and other substances.

How long is your program?

At TAJ Treatment Center, we ideally like clients to commit to at least 30 days. However we are equipped with Outpatient and an Aftercare program which many clients have the ability to stay much longer, if needed.

Am I assigned a therapist at TAJ Treatment Center?

Yes, upon arrival you will be given an initial assessment which will determine which therapist will be best to work with you during your time. Your program will consist of a mixture of both individual and group therapy.

Is your facility at TAJ Treatment Center nice?

Absolutely Yes. Our facility is located in beautiful Pasadena, California and boasts a very comfortable and amenity-filled house. Tours are also available if you’d like to schedule it.

How is the food at TAJ Treatment Center?

Each meal is prepared by a professional chef with your nutrition and well-being in mind. We do offer special diet, when needed and understand the correlation of recovery and nutrition.

Is my family allowed to see me while in rehab?

Yes, we understand addiction/alcoholism affects the entire family. We have a designated day in which we offer family group/therapy, and visitation time with your loved ones.

What separates TAJ Treatment Center from the other rehabs?

TAJ Treatment Center is comprised with a variety of professional staff, many whom are in recovery themselves, so they bring a different insight to your therapy. We are able to treat not only alcohol/substance abuse, but also many process disorders that come along with them, such as depression, anxiety, bi-polar, etc.

Does TAJ hold any special accreditation or licensing?

TAJ Treatment Center holds a JCAHO (Joint Commission Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) which is held the highest standards in the rehabilitation industry. We are also licensed by the state of California and able to work with most insurance companies because of these standards.

Are you able to work with my insurance?

At TAJ Treatment Center, we work with a number of insurance companies. Although we are not in-network with any specific insurances, we are able to take most policies which have out-of-network benefits. See our insurance page and fill out the form to find out for sure.

How can I find out more information about TAJ?

While our website offers alot of information about TAJ Treatment Center, we strongly encourage you to call and speak to one of your trained staff members, and even set up a tour. We understand you may have many questions during these times, and we are available.