Covid-19 and Recovery at TAJ Treatment Centers, Inc

The world crisis that is the Covid-19 pandemic has changed how the world works in so many ways. In the recovery community, it has done the same. Covid-19 has upturned that trend through social distancing and separation protocols that have radically changed society as we know it. TAJ Treatment Center has stayed open and accepted new clients into our facility during this pandemic, seeking help.  Unfortunately, we’ve also heard the pain in the voices of struggling individuals over the phone who have relapsed or been unable to stop drinking and using during this time.

The last few months we’ve witnessed people all over stockpiling items like toilet paper and sanitizer, while the same has been seen with illegal drugs and alcohol. Addicts and alcoholics usually are unable to stay home and “quarantine”, especially when caught in the grips of addiction. At TAJ Treatment Center, our professional therapists already have experience working with addicts/alcoholics and those dealing with mental health issues. We understand all aspects of how loneliness and isolation affect these individuals, especially at this time.

Unfortunately, the panic and stress associated with this pandemic has shown a significant increase in reported cases of relapse, depression and anxiety.

So how has Covid-19 impacted the world for drug users?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, hospitals and medical centers have also seen a marked increase in overdose and severe withdrawal cases which has affected people with various mental disorders. Many addicts/alcoholics often have a dual-diagnosis, which means they also have underlying issues such as depression and anxiety. Refilling basic medications has also been difficult during these times, which has led to increased mental health problems.

For people in the mental health industry, they all can attest that isolation is probably the worst thing for a person struggling with addiction, alcoholism, mental health problems and other process disorders. Alcohol and drug use for many is how many actually cope with society in general. Historical studies of disasters like Katrina and Fukushima have shown that immediately after such events there has been a significant increase in cases of abuse of alcohol and drugs. At TAJ Treatment Center, we are fully equipped to accept new clients who can relate and are seeking relief from their current situation.

At TAJ Treatment Center, we want you to know that you don’t have to deal with this pandemic on their own. At TAJ treatment center, we have already begun the process of preparing for the influx of patients that will need our help during and after this crisis.

What we know:

  • The world is in crisis with Covid-19 – We cannot change that
  • This Corona Virus has affected Everyone
  • Life as we know it has become more stressful – There is only one thing we can do about this

We will  to deal with life with Covid-19 with alternate coping mechanisms and better response.

How TAJ Treatment Centers, Inc has adapted

  • We lead and are following all CDC Guidelines with respect to our common business practices and adaptation for both clients’ and staff safety
  • We have greatly increased our cleaning practices and use air sanitizers along with hospital grade disinfectants on all common areas multiples times daily
  • We take temperatures of all those entering our facilities upon arrival and full-time employees take temperature 3x daily
  • We train staff and incoming clients how to properly wash their hands
  • Covid-19 questionnaire and symptoms checklist before entering facility
  • We have made sure updated  information about COVID-19 readily available to all staff and clients both at all doors, common, areas and offices
  • We regularly use air scrubbers which filter the air inside the house to ensure the facility is as clean as possible
  • Face shields are required by all staff and face masks for clients
  • Social Distancing practices have been implemented during groups and throughout our program
  • TAJ is also requiring all staff and clients to step in or spray on a bio-friendly hospital grade disinfectant upon arrival

If you believe you are suffering from substance abuse or struggling with a mental disorder, please call for a phone assessment and allow us to help you get your life back on track.