Residential Treatment Center Pasadena

If you or your family is seeking addiction treatment in Los Angeles, you may be interested in TAJ Treatment Center, a residential treatment center in Pasadena, CA. We provide comprehensive, personalized residential treatment programs for individuals struggling with substance abuse. Unlike the majority of treatment facilities, many of our staff have experienced both sides of the rehab center, and triumphed over their own drug and alcohol problems. It is this deep understanding of the realities of alcohol and drug abuse that means the staff of TAJ Treatment Center can have confidence in helping you or your loved one with addiction. Success is possible, and with our support and structure, you have the best foundation for it.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center Pasadena

In the city of Pasadena, California, TAJ Treatment Center is outstanding for its drug and alcohol detox programs. We have accreditation by JCAHO, and official licensing from the State of California, so we can provide treatment for alcohol or drug addiction that is compatible with most insurance companies. It also permits us to approach underlying issues that can cause or exacerbate addictions: mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. In our decades of professional experience in the field, we have established that most addicts are also struggling with mental health issues besides addiction. That’s why our program includes provision for getting to the root of those issues. We will work with our patients to construct a game plan for future success and continued sobriety. Getting your life back on track is our goal.

Best Detox Center in Los Angeles

We are confident in our claim that we provide the best experience and most comprehensive support available in Los Angeles at our center. We are proud to offer the following: 

Individualized Approach to Building a Treatment Plan:

not everyone comes to addiction in the same way, and we don’t believe that there’s a cookie-cutter path out of chemical dependency either. We will work with each of our patients to develop a plan that works for them.

Fully-Supervised Non-Medical Detoxification:

we prioritize our patients’ medical health above all, which means that after joining our program, we make sure a new patient is monitored, and their vital signs and withdrawal symptoms observed and managed so that we can help the patient get free of their addiction in all its guises.

3:1 Staff Ratio:

our treatment team includes licensed and certified professionals. Physicians, RNs, certified addiction counselors, exercise trainers, admissions representatives, discharge coordinators, alumni coordinators, and support staff to aid both patients and their families through the program.

Individual and Group Therapy with Licensed Professionals:

we are lucky to have a therapeutic staff with decades of experience in alcohol and drug rehab. Our therapeutic options include cognitive behavioral therapy, schema therapy, family systems, acceptance and commitment therapy, and psychodynamic-oriented therapy.

Daily Prepared Meals with Your Health and Proper Nutrition In Mind:

mental health and physical health are inextricably linked. Our catering staff understand that and make sure to provide you with meals that will give you the fuel you need to persist in your program. Many people enter our programs with complications from their substance abuse disorders that make standard diets difficult. Our staff can accommodate these conditions and help patients readjust.

Quality Aftercare:

we have found that recovery is more likely when our former patients have easy access to supportive housing, referrals to vocational and employment resources, and strong peer support.

Alumni Network:

when you become a patient, you join a lifelong family. Our network of recovered addicts help each other to stay clean and sober, day by day.

Residential Treatment Center Pasadena

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    The Best Pasadena Drug Rehab Center

    TAJ’s residential treatment center in Pasadena is the best Los Angeles drug rehab center because it builds a committed community of like-minded people, who employ evidence-based methods to achieve our goals of psychological, social, and emotional improvement for our patients.  We provide a route out from under the yoke of chemical dependency that leads to a brighter future: a future where self-confidence and independence unlock greater freedom. To find out more about how we can provide drug or alcohol rehab for you or a loved one, enquire through our website.